Floral crystal bracelet

May 30, 2016

Hello people! I'm here with another bracelet tutorial in collab with Pandahall This bracelet will make a beautiful piece of accessory to wear on any occasion. Head over below for step by step tutorial on how to make this lovely beaded bracelet.

Materials needed:
Faceted abacus transparent glass beads in color red, orange and yellow.
Small golden beads.
Jump rings.
Jewelry clasp.
Beading wire.
Crimp beads.

Step 1: Take a beading wire of length about 90 cm and fold it into half.
Step 2: Place a jump ring in the folded part of beading wire followed by a crimp bead. Add three golden bead followed by a red crystal bead on either side of the wire.
Step 3: inter cross both wire with a yellow crystal bead.
Step 4: Add three golden beads on either side of the wire.
Step 5: Inter cross the wires using a golden bead, then add a orange bead on either side of the wire and inter cross them using a red crystal bead.
Step 6: add in orange bead on either side and inter cross it with a golden bead.
Step 7: repeat steps 1 to 6 until you get the desired length of bracelet.
Step 8: Finally add in crimp bead, jump ring, jewelry clasp and pass it through crimp bead to secure the clasp.
And your beaded bracelet is ready to wear!

Hope you like the tutorial. Have a fantastic day everyone! Cheers:)

crystal jewelry

Crystal dangle earring

May 22, 2016

Hello lovelies! Here's a tutorial on how to make a simple dangle earrings using crystal and pearl beads. They are easy to make but looks lovely when you wear them. Head over below for the instructions.

Materials needed:
Pearl beads
Purple electroplated beads from Pandahall
Small rounded gold beads
Golden yellow crystal beads
Earring hook
Jump rings
Beading wire

Step 1: Take a beading wire of length about 20cm.
Step 2: start with a pearl bead in the middle and add in a golden bead, purple bead and gold bead on either side of the pearl bead,
Step 3: add in pearl bead, purple bead and pearl bead with small golden beads in between them on either side
Step 4: now add golden yellow glass bead, purple bead and golden yellow bead with small gold bead in between them.

Step 5: bring both sides of the wire together and add a crimp bead.
Step 6: place a jump ring with earring hook and pass it through the crimp bead and crimp the bead using pliers. Cut off the excess wire.
Your dangle earring is now ready to wear,
You can make this earring using various types of beads in different colors.
Have fun crafting:)

beading necklace tutorial

Floating necklace tutorial

May 08, 2016

Hello lovely people. A very happy mother's day to all of the beautiful mothers out there. Being a new mom made me realize how hard yet wonderful motherhood can be. I couldn't have gone through this phase without the help of my mom. She's been a great support for me and hoping i should be like her to my little one.  Here's a tutorial on how to make a floating necklace which i think would make a lovely gift for mother's day. This time i used  cat eye beads and loved working with it. 

Materials needed:
Glass beads (blue cat eye beads from Pandahall )
White color glass pearls
Small rounded silver beads
Beading wire
Crimp beads
Jewelry clasps

Step 1: take 2 beading wires of length 80 cms each.
Step 2: start by placing a small silver bead into both of the beading wire.
Step 3: add two cat eye bead on one strand and one pearl bead on the other strand. Arrange them in such a way that the pearl bead is in between the two cat eye bead.
Step 4: pass a silver bead into both of the wires.
Step 5: Now add one pearl bead and two cat eye beads on alternative sides to the one we've placed before.
Step 6: again add a silver bead and pass it through both the strands.
Step 7: repeat steps 3 to 6 till you've reached the desired length.
Step 8: finish it off by placing a crimp bead and jewelry clasp at the ends.
Your floating necklace is now ready to wear!

Hope you guys like it. Enjoy this day with your fabulous mom and let her know you appreciate and love her. Have a fantastic day! Cheers :)

Baby love!

May 04, 2016

"How wonderful life is, now you're in the world"

I find myself repeating this lyrics these days whenever i see my baby girl smile. Did i say a Baby?? Oh yes! I'm happy to announce you guys that we are blessed with a beautiful healthy baby girl on 4th of April.

My due was supposed to be on april 24th but my water broke at around 37 weeks and so my baby girl arrived a little earlier than expected (can't complain as it's a great joy to see her early). Can't believe it's been a month already. Time sure flies by so fast. My mom's been so helpful in taking care of my little one which allows me to take rest.

How true is this quote:)
My little one sleeps all day long and keeps us awake all night.
Otherwise, she's a darling and cries only if she's hungry or when her diaper is full. Well, time for me to grab some sleep before she wakes up. Have a lovely day everyone! Hugs:)