Floral window painting.

March 10, 2015

   Hello my lovelies! how have you been?? I've very much missed visiting your blogs and reading your posts.. I happened to visit India again for treating Jaundice and took a much needed rest. After nearly a month of my mom's care and following lot of food restrictions, i've recovered quite well now.

    During my stay, i spent most of the days lazily watching tv and reading books.The only productive thing i managed to do is floral paint our windows. My mom's been asking for a while to do that and this time i did manage to finish it.

I used acrylic colors to paint them and made own stencils for violet and red flowers. All other flowers and designs are free hand painting.

Also painted this bunch of flowers at my bedroom  window..

Now gonna catch up with all blogger friends posts.. take care. Have a wonderful week!