Birthday fun with friends.

November 30, 2014

I turned 25 last friday. One of my friend came from Dubai to visit me and two of my school friends are already nearby my place.. Since it's weekend here, my friends had their day off and we made plans to go out. Unfortunately, my hubby couldn't join us as he had work.
We spent some time in  Al Wahda mall and I even managed to sneak into Daiso to get some craft supplies.

Had chicken and shrimp noodles for lunch.

My friends surprised me by taking me to Starbucks later that evening (I've always wanted to go there but never had the chance).

Got some lovely gifts from friends too :)

We finished our day by visiting St.Joseph's church nearby. I was completely drained out of energy by the time i reach home. Can't complain since i had a wonderful time with my friends:)

Have a blessed day!

airdry clay

More clay charms...

November 24, 2014

Time flies by so fast and there's only two weeks left before i travel to India for vacation. My brother's wedding is on December and i'm so excited that i'd get to see my family and relations. I'm spending most of the weekends buying gifts for them and still there's some more shopping to do. Have to whip up some phone pouches and felt key chains for my cousins too before that.

Here's what I've been making this week..

The pikachu and bunny charms are made using Fimo Airdry clay but polymer clay would be more suitable for this. The tutorial can be found here and here.

Colored the doodle in my sketchbook and here's how it turned out..

Wishing you lots of beautiful moments with your loved ones.. have a great week ahead :)


Origami Wall art..

November 14, 2014

Almost half of November has passed and realized i haven't posted anything on my blog yet. Even though i wish to be consistent in blogging, i find myself slacking off every now and then. I really wanted to make at least 3 posts every month and hope i could find time to do that..

I had some origami papers and was wondering what to do with it.. While looking for inspiration, I found this colorful Origami wall art from How about orange. It's such an easy and lovely project and here's my take on it...

I had only limited colors hence the small size.. i planned on filling up my empty walls with some painting and quilling...

And sketching at times for relaxation..

Hope you all are having a wonderful day.. have a fun filled weekend! cheers :)