Ripple dreams...

February 27, 2014

Is it normal to get dreams about the projects you're working on??? because, i always seem to have crazy dreams about crocheting whenever I start making a new and exciting project..
Recently most of my dreams are about this Ripple crochet blanket I've been making for my mother in law.


The free pattern is available on attic 24             
This  is one of my first big project and I can't wait to finish!! The only drawback is it requires a lot of patience and time

will come up with the finished blanket soon!! Happy crocheting! 

This week in colors..

February 16, 2014

Hi friends, hope you had a wonderful week. I had a lovely time with family celebrating my cousin's house warming party..

Me and my cousins decorated lovely flowers in a large watered vessel. We also colored rangoli at the entrance of the house (too bad it got smudged already when I took the snap :( )
In house warming ceremony, its Indian tradition to boil milk till it overflows. The boiling over of milk denotes that new house and family will overflow with prosperity. Later the boiled milk was given to the guests.

Now onto the project I've been making..

I made some colorful sunburst granny squares. You can find the tutorial from Nittybits
I added another row similar to row 3 to make it a bit different from normal sunburst granny squares. Will soon let you know what I did with this colorful granny squares.
I also made a small bumblebee amigurumi for my cousin and now it's hanging proudly in her schoolbag :)
I got a huge surprise today when I heard that Tammy selected me as winner for her Grow your blog party giveaway! I'm so excited as this is my first ever blog giveaways win.. Do check out her blog. She is such a wonderful person!! 

Finally a big thank you for my blogger friends for making my blog colorful with your lovely comments and compliments.. Have a great week ahead!