Work in progress..

December 05, 2014

I'm not a procrastinator... I just prefer doing all my work in a deadline-line induced panic.
I guess this quote applies to me very well. There's only 4 more days till i leave for vacation and i'm still in the process of making last minute gifts. I had a whole lot of free time last month but didn't started the project until last week.. Now that the time is nearing, i'm rushing up all my projects at a great speed..

Here's some of projects in progress...

Many liked the felt key chains i made, so i thought it would make a nice gift for my friends and cousins.

Making some crochet phone cases for my Uncle and Aunt.

Will soon come up with the finished project.. Have a fantastic day my friends :)

Birthday fun with friends.

November 30, 2014

I turned 25 last friday. One of my friend came from Dubai to visit me and two of my school friends are already nearby my place.. Since it's weekend here, my friends had their day off and we made plans to go out. Unfortunately, my hubby couldn't join us as he had work.
We spent some time in  Al Wahda mall and I even managed to sneak into Daiso to get some craft supplies.

Had chicken and shrimp noodles for lunch.

My friends surprised me by taking me to Starbucks later that evening (I've always wanted to go there but never had the chance).

Got some lovely gifts from friends too :)

We finished our day by visiting St.Joseph's church nearby. I was completely drained out of energy by the time i reach home. Can't complain since i had a wonderful time with my friends:)

Have a blessed day!

airdry clay

More clay charms...

November 24, 2014

Time flies by so fast and there's only two weeks left before i travel to India for vacation. My brother's wedding is on December and i'm so excited that i'd get to see my family and relations. I'm spending most of the weekends buying gifts for them and still there's some more shopping to do. Have to whip up some phone pouches and felt key chains for my cousins too before that.

Here's what I've been making this week..

The pikachu and bunny charms are made using Fimo Airdry clay but polymer clay would be more suitable for this. The tutorial can be found here and here.

Colored the doodle in my sketchbook and here's how it turned out..

Wishing you lots of beautiful moments with your loved ones.. have a great week ahead :)


Origami Wall art..

November 14, 2014

Almost half of November has passed and realized i haven't posted anything on my blog yet. Even though i wish to be consistent in blogging, i find myself slacking off every now and then. I really wanted to make at least 3 posts every month and hope i could find time to do that..

I had some origami papers and was wondering what to do with it.. While looking for inspiration, I found this colorful Origami wall art from How about orange. It's such an easy and lovely project and here's my take on it...

I had only limited colors hence the small size.. i planned on filling up my empty walls with some painting and quilling...

And sketching at times for relaxation..

Hope you all are having a wonderful day.. have a fun filled weekend! cheers :)


Taking stock : 002

October 30, 2014

Remember the List i made inspired by Pip from Meet me at mikes?? i skipped doing the list last month and determined to make them at least this October. So here's what I've been up to lately...

Cooking : Chicken gravy and steamed rice.
Making : a little bit of everything (crochet, felt, drawing and quilling).

Reading: Annie's song by Catherine Anderson.
Wanting: a new dress.
Admiring: this beautiful Crochet clutch from Caught on a whim.
Playing: with clay.
Deciding: to learn how to draw Zentangle.
Waiting: for the weekend.
Liking: the fact that two of my good friends from school moved here to Abu Dhabi recently.
Enjoying: the time spending with them during weekends.
Drinking : Watermelon punch.

Loving: the way my neighbor's cute little kid reciting animal's sound.
Pondering: how many days left until i visit India.
Hoping: to make some booties and beanie for my nephew before that.
Considering: tidying the house (it's messy with all my scrap yarns lying around).
Watching: Adventures in babysitting ( love the 80's ).
Needing: a good sketchbook.
Hearing: Christmas songs.
Noticing: My husband mumbling, 'isn't it a little early to listen to Christmas songs?'.
Buying: some craft supplies from Daiso.
Laughing: at this..

Getting: to know how to needle felting.
Bookmarking: a Chocolate burfi recipe from Sharmispassions.
Opening: Pinterest to look for crochet baby shoes pattern.
Snacking: roasted peanuts.
Thinking: i'm terrible at making this list.
Feeling:  sorry for those who gets to read this ramblings of mine :)
Weekend is just around the corner.. have fun my lovelies. XOXO.

airdry clay

Pumpkin season!

October 21, 2014

Seems like fall has started in Abu Dhabi!!!. The temperature is finally cooling down little by little. Morning and evenings are pleasant with slight breeze while the heat is bearable at day time. The fine weather makes it perfect to visit park and beaches in the evening...

I also find myself going out more often than before and noticed all the malls geared up to welcome fall and the summer clothing and accessories are replaced by winter collections, hoodies and sweater (even though it's not that cold).

The fall is never complete without pumpkins, right?? so i made some cutesy small pumpkin charms..

Made these charms using Fimo airdry clay.. The clay was good to work with but the only problem is that i couldn't mix colors to them.. i had to paint the clay after it got dried off..

Also painted some flowers in my sketchbook...

Enjoy the fine weather while it lasts.. Wishing you all a fantastic day! cheers :)


Ombre crochet phone cozy..

October 06, 2014

No matter how many phone cases i make, i always seem to misplace them somewhere.. my last crochet phone cover has been missing for months now and i feel guilty every time i shove my phone carelessly into my bag while going out. So i gathered it's high time to make a new one..

It's a free pattern from Haak maar raak! this pattern uses Herringbone half double crochet and i loved that the stitches look neat and tight compared to double crochet...

Hoping atleast this phone cover lasts longer than the previous ones...

Hoping you guys are having a lovely weather... Happy October!!


Quilled Earring..

September 30, 2014

While talking to my mom on phone last week, she said that quilled earrings are now becoming quite a rage in our hometown and many liked the quilled card i made for my parents... this urged me take my quilling kit after a long time to make this earring.

I really liked the beehive technique used in some quilled earrings and wanted to try that.. hope it looks like it.. you can find the video tutorial here

Have a fabulous day my friends :)


Crochet coasters..

September 19, 2014

My crochet projects have been on hiatus for sometime now... while looking into my blog, i realized it's been a long time since i posted anything about my crochet project and it's time i start crocheting again..

So as my first project from my break, I whipped up some super easy crochet coasters which I've been wanting to do for a while..

The pattern is from Charmed by Ewe but i tweaked a little to my liking.. Hope you like it too :)

Now gonna check out what my fellow blogging friends are upto...Have a fantastic day!


Taking stock: 001

August 31, 2014

Inspired by Pip from Meet me at mikes, I've decided to take stock every month. It's a fun way to list what's going on with your life at the moment... i love when people make lists although i never made one (except for grocery list, that is). Here goes my first try at it..

Cooking : Roti and chole masala.
Drinking : Apple juice.
Admiring : this beautiful Daisy granny square pillow from Dada's place.
Making : More felt plushies.

Reading : 'Loving Mr.Daniels' by Britainy C.Cherry.
Listening : 'Arms' by Christina Perri.
Wanting : a good sewing machine.
Looking : at my old photos and feeling nostalgic..
Deciding : to exercise at least 15 minutes a day..
Enjoying : doodling in the afternoon

Wondering : how time flies by so fast.
Noticing : my hubby scowling at me for reading ebook from my phone
Loving : Alisa Burke's sketches.
Pondering : what to make for lunch..
Considering : to clean out my wardrobe.
Watching : Community (soo loving it! )

Hoping : to spend more time blogging.
Needing : a small nap.
Thinking : of the good time i had with my friend who came to visit last week.
Feeling : lazy
Buying : some comfy clothes to wear at home.
Bookmarking : sites with crochet baby hat patterns.
Disliking : the weather.. soo hot!
Giggling : at my hubby's weird expression when i started to sing..
Feeling : okay.
Snacking : peanut butter cookies (Yum...)
Wishing : to spend each day productively..
Hope you are all enjoying your weekend.. have fun!


A look into my sketchbook!

August 20, 2014

Hello lovelies! hope you are all doing good... It's so hot here in Abu Dhabi especially this month.. There's not a slight breeze even during night times. I find myself spending more of my time indoors drawing while watching old episodes of Grey's Anatomy. Even though i love staying home than going out, i wish the weather changes soon..

Here's one of the page in my sketchbook that i recently finished..

For those who can't figure out what it is... it's my version of galaxy. Hope it looks like one.

We had a sandstorm two days back and the whole place was covered in sand and dust for about an hour. I had a hard time closing my window from the heavy wind..

Sharing wonderful quote by Mark Twain before i leave....

Have a fantastic day everyone :) 


Fun with felt!!

August 09, 2014

You know what my latest addiction is???....  it's making felt plushies. They are fun and super easy to make. I found loads of felt tutorials in youtube and they are easy to follow even for beginners.. most of the plushies i saw on the net are overloaded with cuteness that i can't wait to try my hand at them.

Made this baby penguin plush as i decided to stick with simple one for starters.. You can find the template and tutorial on Happy friends shoppe blog.

 Also added a small ribbon to attach keyring to it. Since it's small, i think it would make a lovely keychain or bag charm..

so what do you think of my penguin plush??
Have a fun filled weekend!


Blog hop!

July 28, 2014

It's monday and time for posting my 'Around the world blog hop' post. Thank you, Ranjitha from Hookingtheyarn for inviting me to this blog hop..  Ranjitha is one of my very first blogger friend and her crochet creations are wonderful! do check out her blog. You'll fall in love with her lovely blog:)

This blog hop comes with some questions to answer.. here it goes..

1) What am i working on?

Nothing big at the moment. whipped up a peter pan crochet collar with matching bracelets

Making flowers with some scraps of color paper...

Also working on with the felt that i bought recently.. made this small pooh key chain plush. Happy that my first trial came out well :)

2) Why do i write/create what i do?

I create because of the sheer joy of making things! It feels wonderful when my crochet project turns out good or when i finish a drawing. Another reason is to avoid boredom.. i'm not much of a TV person and like to learn some new things everyday. I also love to see someone's face lit up when i give them handmade gifts.

3) How does my writing/creating process work?

I enjoy drawing, quilling, papercrafts apart from crocheting. So i tend to hop from one craft to another very easily. Sometimes, i'll be working on my project all day while other times, i'll put all my project on hold to read a good book or to watch movies :) I'm not much of an creative person and tend to depends upon written patterns for crochet from the net.. i modify a little to my liking.. I get a lot of inspiration from other blogs and Pinterest..

I'm passing this blog hop to
Joy from Loving crochet

Have a great day! Cheers :)


Little ami doll...

July 02, 2014

Guess i'm on doll making spree.. while there are loads of useful stuff to crochet, i spend my time making dolls and  have to say i don't regret it at all:)

Made the dress in my favorite color and i love it! i think the hair came out well too.. guess i should improve my single crochet decrease as i couldn't get the stitches neat..

This weekend i dragged my husband to Daiso and bought some colorful felts and yarn.. I have to be content with this for now as i was getting some furious glance from my husband while i tried to pile more into the cart..

Wanna know why i bought these felts??? to make more dolls, of course :) I've already started working on it and will soon make a post about it..

So how was your weekend?? what have you been up to??
Wishing you all a blessed July! hugs :)